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Maria Dostoynova Limitovskiy, Burnout Coach, Burnout Recovery

Maria D. Limitovskiy

Founder & President

Burnout Solution Partner


"I want intelligent, motivated, professional adults to be happy at work."


Maria developed the Burnout Solution System™ after a 20-year career in the legal and financial industries and having three children. 

Following her Erickson coaching training and years in independent consulting practice, she established the Burnout Solution Center™ dedicated to combat the Burnout epidemic that drowns the corporate world today.

In addition to leading the Center she provides Burnout Triage™, as well as burnout prevention coaching to high-impact individuals.  She still feels special compassion for bankers and lawyers.

Maria and her husband live between Zurich and Beijing and parent 5 children.

Olga Malsam psychiatrist burnout therapy

Olga Malsam

Burnout Solution Partner


Doctor Malsam is a psychiatrist with over 15 years of clinical experience focusing on depression, anxiety, dementia, and other disorders.  She dedicates her practice to addressing medical and psychological factors responsible for burnout, as well as associated physical and mental health conditions.

Dr. Malsam completed her studies and residency in Germany. Since 2007 she works as a clinical psychiatrist in Switzerland and currently holds the position of Oberärztin at Clienia psychiatric clinic that provides hospitalisations and out-patient mental health services.

As a Burnout Solution Partner she provides critical expertise required to refer out clients to the appropriate mental health and medical specialists when burnout has lead to severe consequences.

Olga lives in Feldmeilen on Zurich Lake with her husband and two sons.

Headshot BW.jpg

Séb Jauslin

Certified Leadership Coach

Rapid Transformational Therapist, CPCC


Sébastien is a Certified Leadership Coach and Behavioural
Consultant with over 10 years of experience.

His professional journey began in law, working with the United Nations through to the Big Four, but he soon found that conforming to the norm fed
his imposter syndrome. Not embracing his authentic self was a quick route to burnout and a wake-up call for transformation.

Today, he is committed to revitalising the very soul of workplaces,
ensuring that leaders and their teams find not just success, but also
purpose, joy, and fulfilment in what they do. He is a relentless believer in human potential, driven by the conviction that each of us has a unique ability that’s waiting to be harnessed.

At the Center Séb facilitates workshops and guides individuals in uncovering, embracing, and channeling this innate ability to create authentic, fulfilling
environments where they can truly thrive.

Sébastien is constantly investing in his own growth and lives with
his partner between Zurich and London.

FrancescaValentiniJPEG-17 copy_edited_ed

Francesca Valentini

Burnout Solution Partner

Francesca is a psychological counsellor trained in Zurich by the Paracelsus Institute.


With her holistic approach to well-being, her commitment to support individuals to find balance in their lives envisages constant and disciplined trainings in physical, psychological and mindful practices.


Francesca is a certified Yoga teacher (200 YTT) and is currently completing a further education as Health and Lifestyle Coach.

Kelly photo_edited.png

Kelly Carter, MD

Burnout Solution Partner

Kelly is a physician in the US with nearly twenty years of experience working in the Emergency Room. She lives a lifestyle focused on wellness to manage the risks of burnout and stress associated with her career. 


As a Certified Life Coach, Kelly uses her passion for helping people achieve their health and wellness goals by leading group wellness programs and providing individual coaching. 


Her focus is on the specific challenges professional working moms face when trying to balance their career, their families, and their own personal health and happiness. She specializes in time management, stress reduction, and prioritizing healthy lifestyle choices.


She lives with her husband and two daughters and they enjoy camping, hiking, traveling, and a plant-based diet.

Malte Rehnenführer psychology burnout therapy

Malte Rahnenführer

Burnout Solution Partner

Malte became a burnout warrior after a long corporate career in quality, risk and project management. He is as passionate about helping people get mental clarity as he is about systems, processes and efficiency.

Ask him about career transitions, finding meaning, and sailing through intentional life changes. 

Malte holds a Master's Degree in Psychology and pursues further training as a psychotherapist at Grawe Institute, Zurich. He has worked at an addictions clinic and geriatric institutions. In addition to the BSC he now works at the Integrated Psychiatry clinic in Winterthur.

As a Burnout Solution Partner he helps highly accomplished professionals overcome a personal or career crisis. Malte also leads our German-speaking corporate education and outreach events.

Malte and his family live in Erlenbach on Zurich Lake.

Mayendree Pather sound healing burnout therapy Zurich

Mayendree Pather

Sound Therapy,

Mindfulness, Reiki, Shamanism

"My earliest spiritual teaching was that divine energy resides within every living being. It is omnipotent and omnipresent. Because each of us carries this divine energy within us, we are all the same. We are all healers. We are all capable of realising our full potential."

Mayendree is a shaman, sound therapist, and a very calming person to be around. She comes from an Indian community in Durban, South Africa, where she was immersed in different religious, spiritual and meditative practices from the early childhood.  Mayendree brings with her a deep sense of acceptance, love, openness, and understanding.

Mayendree has her own practice in Seefeld in addition to helping our Burnout clients in Zurich city and Herrliberg through sound healing and personalised intuitive healing sessions.


Mayendree lives with her husband and two children in Hombrechtikon on Lake Zurich.  She speaks English and German.

Christine Breedlove Aromatherapy burnout recovery Zurich Swiss

Christine Breedlove


Aroma Massage 

Christine is a certified aromatherapist grounded in science and wellbeing. She uses the sense of smell as well as application of essential oils through massage to guide people from being super stressed to inner balance. She is an adamant burnout warrior! 


Originally from the United States, she settled in Switzerland with her family in 2003. She discovered a passion for essential oils when she tried orange oil to help balance her mood during pregnancy. She was so pleased with its effect that she started doing more research and competed a three-year certification program with Die Schweizerische Schule für Aromatherapie, SfA.  During her training, Christine conducted extensive research. She gained experience using aromatherapy to treat burnout through both patient trials and personal experience. 


Christine has her own Aromatherapy practice in Biel-Bienne in addition to serving our Burnout Solution clients in Zurich and Herrliberg. 

Christine is fluent in English and German.

Karina Schneider burnout coaching career transition Swiss

Karina Schneider

Transition Coach

Mental Health First Aider

Karina holds a bold vision of living in a world where everyone can lead their lives productively and contribute to society - where no potential is wasted.


By keeping wellbeing and empathy at the core, she supports our clients to lean into their strengths while adapting to the complex and unpredictable environment we face today. 

Karina's successful 18-year corporate career in HR took her from the Philippines to Costa Rica, San Francisco, and Zurich.  After returning to work from maternity leave, she learned first-hand how overwhelming pressure, conflicting expectations and values combined with physical exhaustion can lead to burnout.


Over time, she pivoted her professional path to align with her evolving roles and values.  Today she supports Burnout clients as a career transition coach and Mental Health First Aider and instructor to reintegrate into productive professional paths with strength, passion and determination.

Karina lives in Zurich with her husband and a baby.

Swiss wellness for burnout, Zurich burnout therapy, self-care

Wellness Partners


Stone Therapy

Your inner voice says, “Relax!” Your mind is screaming,”How?!?”

When you are overwhelmed and exhausted, giving yourself more commands will not work. We know. We’ve been there. This is why our Burnout Rescue and Burnout Recovery programs include mandatory wellness treatments. You can choose between aromatherapy, sound healing, and massage practices.


Our therapists are experienced burnout healers who gently and carefully support your journey. 

Zurich fitness personal training, goldcoast yoga

Fitness Partners

Fitness, Training, Yoga, 


When your body serves you well, it is much easier to reach mental clarity and emotional resilience. This is why we integrate a personalised fitness program into our Burnout Rescue, Burnout Recovery and Re-Light tracks.


We work with certified and experienced fitness trainers to shepherd our clients to the their top physical condition. Based on your needs, goals and preferences, your tailored program may combine personal training, yoga, martial arts, and outdoor sessions.


All of our trainers are dedicated to fighting burnout and finding your own balance point. We work as one team to ensure that your fitness journey flows harmoniously with the mental strength, nutrition, health, and wellness elements on your Burnout Solution journey.

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