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We are actively building our network of mental healthcare professionals, coaches, wholistic health practitioners, nutritionists, and other specialists.

Are you as driven to combat Burnout as we are?

We would love to hear from you.


Dr. Jur. Maria D. Limitovskiy

Solution-Focused Coach

"I want intelligent, motivated, professional adults to be happy at work."


Maria developed the Burnout Solution System™ after a 20-year career in legal and financial industry and having 3 children. 

It took 5 years since completing her Erickson coaching training to build up the competence and the courage to establish the Burnout Solution Center™, where specialists came together to combat the Burnout epidemic that drowns the corporate world today.

Maria and her husband live between Zurich and Beijing and parent 5 children.


Olga Malsam, Fachärztin

Medical Director

Doctor Malsam dedicates her practice to addressing medical and psychological factors responsible for Burnout, as well as associated physical and mental health conditions.  She has over 15 years of clinical experience focusing on depression, anxiety, dimentia, and other disorders.

Dr. Malsam completed her studies and residency in Germany. Since 2007 she is a clinical psychiarist in Switzerland.

Olga lives in Feldmeilen on Zurich Lake with her husband and two sons.

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Woman Smiling in Suit

Petra Jurg

Client Experience Coordinator

Petra is here to ensure that our clients sail smoothly through our recovery program. She coordinates collaboration with our partner doctors, insurance companies, network professionals.
Petra speaks English and German.

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