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Burnout Risk Management System

We help proactive organizations improve employee retention & save costs by zooming in on burnout prevention, risk-factor management, and post-burnout reintegration.


Building awareness and providing targeted training to team leaders

empower responsible companies for long-term effective burnout prevention.

We always stay connected to provide tailored 1-1 coaching support to key people.

Awareness & Outrach


We analyse an organization's existing policies and applicable resources to propose outreach and training solutions as a foundation for on-going burnout prevention.


We give TALKS, SEMINARS, WEBINARS, and WORKSHOPS to build awareness of burnout risks, signs, and prevention strategies. Speaking openly resonates with employees, validates their feelings, and facilitates early prevention.

The goal is to reach the most employees at all levels to demonstrate organizational commitment to an open discussion. Psychological safety is key!

Top talks:

  • IS THIS BURNOUT? How do I know?

  • GET A GRIP ON THE B-WORD. De-stigmatise burnout.



We offer a proprietary BURNOUT RISK MANAGEMENT training program specifically for team leaders.  The BRM goal is to empower leaders to effectively manage burnout risks and recognise the warning signs in their team members and in themselves.



  • reduced stress and anxiety among the management,

  • competent and efficient handling of potential burnout cases that is consistent with the organisational structure and goals,

  • effective burnout prevention,

  • improved engagement, motivation and loyalty.


6 hours, small groups, interactive.

Triage for Leaders
Male Therapist_edited_edited.jpg


We provide tailored 1-1 support to select individuals aiming for sustainable productivity.


  • Onboarding - set burnout prevention routines congruent with the new role and corporate culture;

  • Burnout Prevention strategy and implementation;

  • Burnout Intervention in tough times:

    • Intense rescue program during a short leave,

    • Identify and address critical risk factors,

    • Aim for a fast return to office to set the ground for long-term changes.

  • Burnout Recovery and Re-Integration:

    • Comprehensive program to establish sustainable habits and routines;

    • Holistic care: mindset, fitness, nutrition, wellness, habits, routines.

  • 1-1 Training for managers and team leaders​

Leadrship support
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