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Burnout Solution Programs

We help successful adults prevent burnout and get back on track with holistic programs that are efficient and effective.


Your journey with us starts when you are fed up with the way things are now and ends

when you have the mindset, tools, skills, and habits to follow a new and exciting life journey

to wherever YOU want to go next.

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Burnout Triage

"Fast and effective"

​Burnout Triage is your first serious step on your personal Burnout Solution journey. It will give you a clear picture of where you stand and put you in control of your path. 

Triage includes:

  • In-depth assessment

  • Personal one-to-one session with a Burnout Solution Partner

  • Comprehensive report providing clarity and a plan for moving forward

Total Price: CHF 425

Burnout Rescue therapy program, Zurich Switzerland Swiss

Burnout Rescue

"Intensive intervention for acute burnout"

Two weeks to refuel*:​

  • a 360* wellbeing assessment

  • 4 personal sessions with a Burnout Solution Partner

  • daily guidance by text or e-mail

  • 4 healing treatments: sound, aroma, shamanism, massage

  • an individual fitness assessment and recommendations

  • 4 personal fitness, yoga and/or outdoor training sessions

  • a wellbeing concierge to arrange a convenient program schedule

  • closing report

Total Price: CHF 5'000

* After Triage we can make you an individual proposal for an intensive program that will fit your schedule and preferences.

This short program is intended as a sprint. You take this time to re-focus on your priorities and we support you on all fronts.

Swiss Burnout Recovery program for professionals

Burnout Recovery

"Comprehensive program for systematic life changes"

​Three months to a new start:

  • a 360* wellbeing assessment

  • continuous support for 12 weeks by text messaging or e-mail 

  • 12 personal Burnout Solution therapy or coaching sessions

  • 24 healing practices: sound, aroma, shamanism, wellness massage

  • a personal nutrition assessment

  • an individually developed nutrition program for 3 months

  • 4 personal sessions with a nutritionist: initial assessment, plus follow-up sessions at the end of each month to assess progress and adjust

  • an individual fitness assessment

  • personalised fitness program for 3 months

  • 12 personal training, yoga and/or outdoor sessions

  • wellbeing concierge to arrange a suitable schedule to fit your lifestyle

  • three monthly comprehensive progress reports


Each program is tailored individually based on the initial assessment and your preferences. If needed, additional medical and wellness services may be provided by our network partners.

This program is intended to fit into your lifestyle and be compatible with your ongoing obligations at work and in your personal life, while you consistently move into your chosen direction.

Total Price: CHF 15'000-20'000

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