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The Center: Burnout is healthy
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Do you feel like being stressed at work has become the norm?  You are right, 42% of working women and 35% of men surveyed in 2021 felt burned out. 

When passionate, committed people become deeply dissatisfied with their professional or private role, burnout is a healthy reaction to a faulty situation.

The World Health Organisation included burnout in the International Classification of Diseases (ICD-11) as an 'occupational phenomenon'. Depression, anxiety, insomnia, digestive disorders often accompany burnout, if left untreated.

The Burnout Solution Center is a Swiss non-profit center of competence focused on supporting high-achievers and responsible employers in their effort to prevent and overcome burnout.

We bring together doctors, therapists, coaches, alternative healthcare professionals, and other experts to deliver a fully tailored solution. We pride ourselves on our multi-cultural team that can relate to clients from all walks of life.


We listen, support and guide you to re-ignite your life.

We welcome our clients at two convenient and private locations in Zurich center and in Herrliberg.  We continue to expand our range of services available online to support our clients conveniently, safely and effectively wherever they may be located. 

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We are
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The BURNOUT SOLUTION™ SYSTEM is designed to help successful adults prevent burnout and get back on track with holistic programs that are efficient and effective

Your journey with us starts when you are fed up with the way things are now and ends when you have the mindset, tools, skills, and habits to follow a new and exciting life journey to wherever you want to go next.

Each step has a defined structure. We draw on the entire wealth of our Team's experience to tailor the programs, so that they fit organically into your life to build your own solution for sustainable success (however you define and re-define it). 
St. Gotthard
Hotel St. Gotthard
Hotel St. Gotthard

Historic Hotel St. Gotthard is home to the Burnout Solution Center in the heart of Zurich.

Deeply rooted in a tradition of Swiss hospitality and privacy, St. Gotthard has welcomed world leaders and dignitaries since 1889.

Together we ensure that our clients find peace and wellbeing when they come for individual sessions or stay overnight for any part of their comprehensive treatment program.


The Burnout Solution Center at St. Gotthard is located on luxurious Bahnhofstrasse just steps from Zurich main station.

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Our Zurichsee location in Herrliberg provides an ideal calm and private environment for individual Burnout Coaching and Therapy, wellness treatments, as well as small groups.

Our Center continues in the footsteps of an esteemed Swiss psychiatrist and author Gion Condrau, who lived and worked at this location for a better part of the 20th century.

You can reach our Herrliberg center by S6/S16 train. Parking is available.


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Swiss Emergency services  144

Swiss National Suicide Hotline 143

International Suicide Hotlines by Country

Urgent Psychiatric Services  0800 33 66 55

Kinder- und Jugendpsychiatrischer Notfalldienst 

043 499 26 26

Zurich Oberland Women's Refuge  044 994 40 94

Universitätsspital Zürich USZ (24h psychiatrist on duty) 

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Crisis Intervention Center Zurich  044 296 73 10 

Crisis Intervention Center Winterthur  052 264 37 00

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Clienia Psychiatry Center in Wetzikon (M-F 8:00-18:00)  

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