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Burnout Solution Services

We create our value by combining therapies and treatments into effective and efficient programs that get you to your optimal state as quickly as possible.

We treat your mind, body and spirit together.

Burnout Triage diagnosis swiss treatment


In-person Session

Analysis & Report

Burnout Recovery Coaching Zurich Herrliberg Switzerland

Positive & Solution-Focused 

Your Values, Priorities

Goals & Results

Burnout therapy Zurich, Swiss mental health, recovery


& grounded in psychology

Zurich lake fitness training, Swiss fitness and yoga, Switzerland

Personal Training



Swiss meditation and mindfulness, Zurich meditation

Clear your mind

Re-focus your attention

Healthy Swiss nutrition for mental resillience

Personalised analysis

Realistic nutrition plan

Swiss wholistic mental health, burnout treatment, burnout prevention Zurich

Program coordination

Medical, Wellness & other

partner services

You are wondering where to start? 

Burnout Coaching, Burnout Recovery, Burnout treatment and prevention, Zurich Switzerland

Burnout Prevention Coaching

Positive & Solution-Focused 

Your Values, Priorities

Goals & Results

Coaching focuses on your present situation and your goals for the future.

It plays a key role in our comprehensive programs for Burnout Prevention Burnout Rescue, Recovery, and Re-Light

At the Burnout Solution Center™ we use a positive solution-focused system that will take you from the state of confusion, disillusionment and exhaustion to being true to yourself. 

We always allocate 90 minutes for the first session to give you the attention you deserve.

Depending on your needs and preferences, you will be coached by Maria, Lyla, Malte, or Karina

Burnout Therapy
Trauma informed burnout therapy, psychotherapy


& grounded in psychology

Burnout often comes with a full package of emotional challenges that  require solid specialist support. We don't take it lightly. We offer trauma-informed Burnout Recovery Therapy by our Solution Partners with a background in psychology or psychiatry.

Workplace trauma can take on many forms and accumulate over time. It layers on top of previous traumatic experiences to trigger negative reactions that we sometimes find hard to explain rationally.

Prolonged burnout can likewise have traumatic consequences inflicting symptoms akin to PTSD.  This is what happens when successful professional suddenly can't stand the work, at which they became so accomplished. 


We take a holistic approach to therapy, focusing on the physical, emotional and psychological effects of prolonged stress. 

Your Solution Partners Lyla, Malte and Olga have decades of professional experience counselling clients in Switzerland and abroad.

Head Massage_edited.jpg

Sound Therapy



Burnout recovery is impossible without surrounding yourself with love and care.  We provide that through our healing practices integrated into our comprehensive programs

Frankly, no one should wait to be burned out in order to treat yourself to these healing rituals!  If you've come here stressed, these treatments will bring you peace.

Aromatherapy uses essential oils to support the body both physically and mentally through calming massage, wraps and compresses as well as various methods of inhalation. Our sense of smell is the oldest sense and the first to develop in the womb.  Read more.

Sound Healing involves using Tibetan singing bowls, drums, rattles, chimes, and other sound instruments to bring a deep sense of relaxation.  

When you are stressed, it can be really hard to quiet your mind and meditate. Sound Healing bypasses your rational thoughts to induce a deep meditative state. Over time, your mind and body learn this feeling, which makes it easier to access a deep sense of calm and relaxation on your own. Read more.

Wellness Massage 

Read more.

Depending on your preferences, you can choose any combination of healing arts within your program.

Zurichsee fitness, Swiss personal training, Zurich yoga


Personal Training



When your body serves you well, it is much easier to reach mental clarity and emotional resilience. This is why we integrate a personalised fitness program into our Burnout Rescue, Burnout Recovery and Re-Start programs.


We work with certified and experienced fitness trainers to shepherd our clients to the their top physical condition. Based on your needs, goals and preferences, your tailored program may combine personal training, yoga, martial arts, and outdoor sessions.


All of our trainers are dedicated to fighting burnout and finding your own balance point. We work as one team to ensure that your fitness journey flows harmoniously with the mental strength, nutrition, health, and wellness elements on your Burnout Solution journey.

Zurich mindfulness and meditation to combat burnout. Mindful working.

Mindfulness &

Clear your mind

Re-focus your attention

Mindfulness is an integral part of your Burnout Solution journey. 

We seek to stay mindful on our work with three basic principles:

  • on purpose,

  • in the moment,

  • without judgement.

Our team will keep you on track through mindful eating, mindful training, mindful journalling. 

You may also take mindfulness instruction and go on a guided meditation journey through Sound Therapy.

Nutrition for stress-free life


Personalised, healthy

and realistic

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