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Group Session Participation Policy

Our Group Sessions are intended for the open exchange of information, knowledge and personal experience between legally competent adults. By registering for a Burnout Solution Group Session you agree to exercise your own mature judgment and discretion.


Mutual trust and respect are vital to the spirit of our community. We understand that burnout is a sensitive matter. Gossip, judgment and careless comments outside of our trusted circle may cause shame, stigmatization and other unwanted consequences.  You agree to treat everything shared in any of our Group Sessions as private and confidential, including the identity of other participants to the extent possible under law.



  • You acknowledge that no information, materials, opinions, or advice offered before, during, after, or in relation to our Group Sessions shall not be construed as medical, psychiatric, legal or any other professional advice.

  • You may not participate in a Group Session as a substitute for medical treatment, counselling, psychotherapy, psychoanalysis, mental health care, substance abuse treatment, or other professional advice by legal, medical or other qualified professionals. You recognize that it is your exclusive responsibility to seek such guidance as needed from licensed professionals in your jurisdiction.

  • You acknowledge that it is your sole discretion and independent decision whether you choose to act or not act on any information received in connection with a Group Session. None of the Group Session hosts or participants, nor the Burnout Solution Center, guarantee or warrant effectiveness of your chosen course of action. Participation in a Group Session cannot be expected to diagnose, treat or cure any mental or medical condition.



  • By registering for a Group Session you agree to keep all information exchanged before, during, after, or in relation thereto private and confidential, including the identity of other participants.

  • You understand and acknowledge that despite our utmost desire to protect the confidence of our clients, the Burnout Solution Center and other participants may be required to disclose confidential information pursuant to a court order or demand by a regulatory authority of a competent jurisdiction. We may also disclose information to prevent imminent harm to yourself or any other person.

  • Our website Privacy Policy and Terms of Service are incorporated herein by reference.



  • You hereby agree to treat all participants with dignity and respect.

  • In the event that you feel offended or dissatisfied, you agree to reach out to the hosts to resolve the dispute amicably and effectively.

  • If we are unable to resolve the dispute, you may submit it to a binding arbitration at your sole cost and expense in Canton Zurich, Switzerland in English. You hereby waive any right to class arbitration or a jury trial in any court of any jurisdiction, which may otherwise be available to you.

  • Any award or judgment issued by the arbitrator shall be binding and limited to a refund of your payment to the Burnout Solution Center or Maria Dostoynova-Limitovskiy in connection with this Group Session. You hereby waive your rights to seek any additional damages, consequential, punitive or otherwise.



  • No refunds are possible before the Session.

  • If you are unable to attend, please notify your hosts as soon as possible and we will rebook you for another session.

  • If you are dissatisfied with the Group Session after your participation, we will be happy to refund your fee after a full review of the situation.


Thank you for reading and adhering to our policies. We appreciate your time and look forward to seeing you!


Your Burnout Solution Team.

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