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Huberman 57. Optimizing Workspace. Key Points.

First 8h from waking: best for focused analytical work.

  • Light: bright, overhead, blue

  • Look up - actually move eyes up, not head up. Set screen at eye level or higher.

  • Work standing up from time to time

  • Limit interruptions

Second 8h: best for creative and interpersonal work

  • Light: lower, yellow

  • Look at eye level or below

Last 8h: best for sleep!

  • Light: as little as possible, dim, yellow, positioned low

  • Legs above waist induce relaxation

  • To force alertness: bright light, stand up, fill the bladder

Space design for focused, detailed, right answer work:

  • Low ceiling

  • Limited view, focused sight

  • Bright blue overhead light

Space for creative, group, visionary work:

  • High ceiling

  • wide view - outside horizon, wide angle view

  • Lower yellow light

Watch the full episode Optimizing Workspace for Productivity, Focus, & Creativity | Huberman Lab Podcast #57

My workplace of the day on the 19th floor in Istanbul Levent. Note the bright light and the view!

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