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Burnout Solution Groups

We come together in small groups to share our knowledge and life experience.

Mutual trust and respect are vital to our mission. We only invite mature, responsible, value-driven adults to participate in group sessions.

We understand that burnout is a sensitive matter - this is why our group participants commit not judge, shame or gossip.

Discussing personal situations in a group setting may not be right for you.

Reach out to us for a one-on-one confidential Burnout Triage.


Private group meets every other Tuesday to answer the most burning questions.

How do I know it's burnout?

When to seek help?

How to respond to others?


Maria D. Limitovskiy and

Karina Schneider

Burnout Solution

Private group for Russian-speaking professionals abroad. 

Группа эмоциональной поддержки русскоязычных экспатов встречается онлайн по средам по предварительной регистрации.


Olga Galperina, psychologist

Olga Malsam, psychiatrist

Caregiver burnout support group

Closed group for those who chose to dedicate themselves to helping others: doctors, nurses, caretakers, volunteers.

How do you care for yourself when your job is to care for others?


Kelly Carter MD and

Maria D. Limitovskiy

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