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Burnout Rescue

2 Week Intensive Program

Burnout Rescue is an intensive two-week program. A team of mental health and wellbeing specialists will work together with you every day to build sufficient strength to return to your role and prepare for a comprehensive change.

Burnout Rescue includes:

Burnout Rescue program services are provided at our Herrliberg or Zurich city locations on an ambulatory basis. Burnout Rescue is also offered as a luxurious in-city retreat at Hotel St. Gotthard at a special rate.

Our Wellbeing Concierge will arrange your appointments in a way that fits your schedule.
In addition to your in-person sessions, please budget at least 30 minutes per day for independent self-coaching work. This investment of time and attention is absolutely vital to the long-term effect of the achievements that you will make during the program.



Burnout Rescue
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