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Aromatherapy for Burnout

Updated: Feb 9, 2022

”Perfume is the art that makes memory speak” ~ Francis Kurkdjian

What is Aromatherapy? It is the use of essential oils , both through inhalation and topical application, to support the body both physically and mentally through calming massage, wraps and compresses as well as various methods of inhalation. It also has excellent preventative and immune boosting qualities while helping the body and mind process and restore balance within the body.

Our sense of smell is the oldest sense and the first to develop in the womb and keeps us safe by warning us of danger and calms us down to let us know we are in a secure place. This is due to the Aroma molecules entering the nose and travelling up through the olfactory system into the limbic system. This is one of the first responders in the Fight or Flight response within the body. What happens when our body is in a constant state of stress? Fried out nervous system for example, with a long list of physical and mental problems. Aromatherapy is a gentle way to bring our nervous system back to a sense of safety.

How to smell your way out of feeling stuck?

Here is a brief summary of what aromatherapy can do when dealing with Burnout:

  • Brings the body out of Fight or Flight mode;

  • Works directly with the limbic system to calm, sooth and nourish fried out nervous systems;

  • Aroma “tools” given throughout consultations to be carried out during treatment and integrated into daily routine;

  • The daily routine in connection with Aromatherapy is key to a successful integration back into work and family life. Aromatherapy provides an aromatic anchor back to the safe place established during treatment;

  • It is extremely versatile and feather-light easy to use daily.

The Olfactory System is directly connected to the Limbic System, which is like the traffic light and driver to the brain when controlling hormone secretion, heart rate, blood pressure, breathing rate (respiratory activity), sleep, and other functions.

All of these factors can influence and support a sense of security, stabilising sense of self, better breathing = more Oxygen in the blood = calmer breathing and reduced sense of panic, literally more happy hormones secreted into the blood stream and overall improved state of being!

The versatility and gentle yet extremely effective methods of Aromatherapy in dealing with Burnout is a key element when helping a client return to self.

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